2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital

2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Minsk which was founded in 1799.

Due to recent reorganization, 2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital has 500 beds and consists of two buildings: a five and a seven storey ones. The renewed 5-storey building consists of gastroenterological, pulmonological, neurological and rheumatologic departments, and city cardiologic center with endovascular surgery department, as well as diagnostic departments:

  • endoscopic;
  • functional;
  • x-ray ones.

The other 7-storey building locates patients meeting department, cardiology, surgery, intensive care department, as well as surgical procedure unit.

In-patient department has double and triple wards. Each ward has its own WC. Hospital is provided with the best and modern medical equipment, and also computer and magnetic resonance tomography.

The clinic employs a team of professionals, which combines experience with enthusiasm. Physicians tend to acquire new skills, and they are noted for their kindness, open minds and respect for people. 2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital serves as a base clinic for Military Surgery Department, BelMAPGe Therapy Department, and Internal Medicine BSMU 1st Department.

2nd Minsk City Clinical Hospital has the following centers and offices:

  • City Heart Center;
  • Emergency Room;
  • Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department;
  • Surgical Emergency Department;
  • Purulent Surgical Department;
  • Pulmonology Department;
  • Rheumatology Department;
  • Cardiology Departments( №1 and №2);
  • Gastroenterological Department;
  • Neurological Department;
  • City Heart Center (2th Minsk City Clinical Hospital outpatient unit).

In the hospital locates auxiliary diagnostic and treatment departments:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory;
  • Functional Diagnostics Department;
  • X-ray Department;
  • Ultrasound Department;
  • Endoscopic Department;
  • Physiotherapy Department;
  • Sterile Processing Department
  • Surgical Procedure Unit;
  • Hospital Pharmacy.