10th City Clinical Hospital in Minsk

Health Care Facility 10th City Clinical Hospital is located on the southern outskirts of Minsk, close to Partisan Avenue  and the metro. The clinic was opened in 1985 and it will celebrate 30th anniversary in 2015.

Despite the short history, the clinic’s specialists achieved impressive results in several medical areas during the institution existence.

Thus, by 2015, the clinic has 5 active Republican specialized centers(ophthalmology, thoracic surgery, pancreatology, allergy and gastroenterology).

The most difficult patients according to their medical profiles are sent in 10th City Clinical Hospital from all over Belarus, if necessary.

The only allergic laboratory in Belarus works on the basis of 10th hospital.

Patients here can be tested for allergens to various drugs and materials, and within 48 hours you will get a qualified answer.


In 2014, the clinic joined the top three most visited health care institutions by foreigners in Belarus. About 80% of foreign patients visit 10th hospital to solve the most complicated ophthalmological problems.

Such ophthalmic manipulation as corneal collagen cross-linking and keratoplasty with donor corneal are widely used in eye microsurgery departments. Such procedures are not carried out in other Minsk clinics.

The clinic has unique equipment for Belarus, such as a femtosecond laser, which allows to perform complex surgeries on the eye cornea.

BSMU Department of Ophthalmology locates on the basis of hospital, which once again stresses the high development level of the 10th City Clinical Hospital Ophthalmology Department.

Hospital undergoes a large-scale reconstruction to its 30 anniversary. And not only appearance changes: the clinic opens 3 large new operating rooms, purchases modern high-tech equipment, and conducts extensive training abroad for its specialists to improve the knowledge level of such equipment.

Conditions of stay in the hospital have significantly improved. Windows, shower, WC, heating and comfort are now available for patients in 10th Hospital.

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